Quality healthcare workers

Using AI to hire Certified Nursing Assistants

Recruiting high-quality healthcare workers is not easy. To identify applicants who are respectful of and responsive to a patient’s preferences and needs is paramount. An intelligent recruitment robot to conduct initial interviews and can significantly help in this challenging area.

A good relationship between the patient and the healthcare worker is paramount

It’s very important to find great healthcare workers because they influence how your patients view the establishment, the doctors, and the nurses, which can influence the success of their treatment. It all comes from the attitude, commitment and ability of the healthcare workers. 

Really great healthcare workers are hard to find

People who can do this demanding job well are hard to find, simply because they are rare and they don’t come from a particular group. To recruit them, you must go beyond checking qualifications and experience, and find out what sort of people they are, what motivates them, why they want to work in healthcare, and whether they have the ability and commitment to learn the technical side of the job

To find good healthcare workers, you have to interview many people

Interviewing lots of people is what Emma does best. She can patiently interview hundreds of applicants simultaneously and find out who they are, what they want, what they’ve done and if they can do it. She’ll give you easy-to-compare bar charts and detailed multi-page reports on individual applicants.

How does an Emma Interview work?

You give her your job description she creates an interview which will identify applicants who have your key requirements, who want to care for others, and who are conscientious,  compassionate, and confident. Suppose you require applicants to have a good command of English, Emma simply includes a bar on your results barchart showing this from rudimentary to highly proficient.

What do you get?

Emma will display images of candidates arranged in order, with the high scorers at the top. You can adjust the order with the attribute sliders.

Drilling down

Selecting a playing card displays the candidate’s scores in the key areas, And clicking on an area will show how the candidate compares with others.