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EnigmaScore Ltd has created an AI-powered robotic interview system that prospective employers can use to create job interviews.



You can design an interview, test it and activate it, then send the link to up to 400 applicants. Enigma will identify them, then ask your questions analyse their answers and provide a list of qualified applicants with a measure of their individual attributes displayed as a bar chart so you can easily compare them with your other qualified applicants.



You can ask multi-choice questions, numerical questions, survey questions and open questions (e.g. those that don’t have a right or wrong answer but get an opinion). You can also record candidates answering questions and watch them later. Enigma can suggest appropriate questions and you can simply use any of Enigma’s pre-configured interviews and use as-is or modify it to suit the job requirements.



Posting an interview is free. You simply log in and enter the questions you want to ask, grouping them in sections or assessments, each section represented by a bar on the barchart. displayed on your tablet or screen. You can also break the assessments into different mini-interviews or checkpoints which candidates must pass before proceeding to the next and you set the criteria for elevating candidates.



You can create your interview and test it extensively for as long as you wish and change the questions, adding new ones or deleting those that you decide you don’t want. This is entirely free. Only when you are ready to deploy your interview do you need to take out a subscription.This costs $50 a month (around KES 5000/- of £37) and it gives you a total of 400 interviews which can be spread over several months. When you have completed your recruitment you can archive the interview and cancel the subscription.

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