Just give Emma a job description, and she’ll patiently interview as many applicants as you want, then give you a shortlist and detailed individual reports. 


Why Choose Us

Robotic Recruitment is here, and it’s going to change recruitment. It can handle the initial selection, staff training, promotion and much more. Emma is artificially intelligent and can read a job description, identify the key factors, and create an interview that will ask the right questions to identify top applicants. She can simultaneously interview hundreds of applicants, enabling you to significantly improve your chance of finding the best people. With the dashboard, you can see who is taking your interview and who has completed it. When you have enough, you can ask Emma for a shortlist and detailed reports on your top candidates.

Recruit with AI

Using Robotic Interviews

How do you get, deploy, and use an Enigmascore Interview

To get an interview, you simply create an account and post a job description and    Emma will use this to create your interview.  Then Emma sends you a link to the interview, which you can follow and complete the interview as a Test Candidate.  The interview is in Preview Mode, which you can evaluate, share with colleagues, and change. You can view the results of these test interviews, analyse the bar charts, and adjust the weightings. Also, In Preview Mode, you can change questions and add new ones, even add new assessments and change the structure of the results bar charts. 

When you are happy with your interview, you activate. All the test data will be deleted, and you can share the link with potential candidates or include the link in your job advert. 

The admin dashboard shows the status of all your candidates and their progress. When you have enough completed interviews, you can watch the videos of the top scorers answering your video questions and order detailed reports from Emma on your top applicants.

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