Recruitment is all about data, collecting it, analyzing it and identifying patterns. 


Robotic Interviewing is new and offers limitless potential. Emma can collect a massive amount of data, and recruitment is all about data, analysing it and identifying patterns.  This data can also reveal a lot about individuals going forward. A pattern can emerge over several interviews, which may be used to identify successful candidates even at the initial stage.  

That is why we designed an Emma interview the way we did. At its basic level, Emma generates an interview that can measure a candidate’s ability.  She builds an intelligent, multi-sector interview which asks questions that will reveal how well candidates measure against your key requirements, and you can find better candidates with far less effort.

The triple benefit of ‘Better’, ‘Faster’, and ‘Cheaper’ is what all industrial robots offer.

Our Values & Mission

Our mission is to make recruitment more efficient by carefully analysing your job description, identifying your key requirements and creating a sophisticated multi-part interview to evaluate each applicant in each area.

Emma will analyse each applicant’s answers, comparing their strengths in each of your critical areas of interest, and then give you a detailed report on the top five.  You will have full access to the raw data, which is presented as comparative bar charts. You can change the relative importance of specific vital attributes, including the psychological traits, on your dashboard using the sliders, and Emma will recreate your shortlist.

What is a Robotic Interview?

An interview is broken into assessments, groups of questions relating to a single topic. You create these and set the importance you place on each and EnigmaScore applies this when calculating the shortlist. You can make questions dependent on how an applicant answers previous questions thereby creating tree-structures which can quickly measure an applicant’s knowledge of interest in a topic. You can also incorporate videos and images into your interview with associated questions and create a training course. Finally, you can break an interview into sections or check-points and set the criteria for a candidate to progress from one level to the next.  

To build an effective robotic interview you need:
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Our Team

EnigmaScore was written by Kenyans for Kenya companies to recruit people who can  consistently deliver quality work. Today, Kenya’s universities are producing tens of thousands of graduates annually,  and Enigma can help employers identify the best. In the IT sector alone, Kenya’s 28 universities are graduating over five thousand software engineers annually and it is a significant challenge to identify those who have real talent, the motivated original thinkers who are driven by a desire to be the best.

The EnigmaScore team was built on these principles, bringing the best together in a multicultural, multi-gender community motivated only by the need for fun and excellence. Our knowledge centre exists in cyberspace and is built on Zoom. Our physical home is on a beautiful mountaintop close to the resort town of Diani on Kenya’s south coast and our social centre is a beach which some claim is the best in Africa. We are programmers, innovators, designers, soccer players, runners, readers, writers, marketers, cyclists, parents, travellers, food lovers, thinkers, photographers, and every one of us is special in some way. EnigmaSearch is the sum of this knowledge and way of thinking, and that’s what makes us special.