Recruitment is one of the most important things we do in the hospitality  business today, and finding really good table waiters is critical because they are the face of your restaurant. They meet and get to know your customers and have a huge influence on the success of your enterprise. 

To find the best, you need to look further than qualifications and experience. You need to know what sort of people they are, what motivates them and why they want to work in hospitality.  Do they have the right background and personality? Will they be a good fit for your team?. 

With Enigma, you can set up a custom interview that will find this out and she will work 24/7 interviewing applicants and selecting those that fit your needs. With Enigma you can safely advertise your vacancy on job boards and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and reach out to an enormous number of people and Enigma will patiently talk to them all, and drop those who don’t meet your requirements. Within days you can start work on your shortlist comparing and watching videos. 

Robots will definitely change recruitment, but they cannot replace face-to-face interviews altogether, nor should they try. Employment is a relationship that serves both employer and employee and needs human contact.  But by screening an enormous number of applicants, Enigma can help a lot, and – maybe – find a hidden gem.