To a householder buying or selling a house is usually the most important decision he or she makes. The real-estate organisation that helps the householder in this matter is also important. However, the first person the householder meets from your organisation is a junior salesperson, so it’s vital that this person gives the householder or the potential buyer a good impression of your organisation.

It’s possible to train a junior salesperson to ask the right questions and can easily be done by an do this well, they must have the personality, skills and attributes that the job requires. Things like the wish to meet people, the ability to talk well,  to be likeable, cheerful and extrovert.  You could add empathy and the ability to read body-language to this list, along with conscientiousness and work ethic. These can set a good salesperson apart from a mediocre one, but to a great salesperson the person must have that elusive ‘persuadability’, namely the ability to engender trust.  It is not possible tio list these attributes in a job spec or read them off a CV.  It’ll take a face-to-face interview and because this skill combination is quite rare, that’s going to take time.

This is where a well-designed series of robotic interviews can really help. It will work 24/7, interviewing hundreds of applicants, asking questions, analyzing the answers and adjusting the next questions accordingly.  All the work is in building the interview. When that’s done all you have to do is advertise the job on social media and social media, include a link to the interview, and you’ll have a shortlist in a few days. Enigmascore has a library of built-in assessments you can include in your interview with a single click. You can break your interview into sections, or checkpoints, which the candidate must pass before proceeding to the next.  Typically you put your basic requirements and background questions into the first checkpoint and Enigma will politely drop the unqualified applicants. You can have as many checkpoints as you need, then ask an open question like ‘why do you want to work in real estate’ in the last checkpoint and have Enigma film the candidate answering it.