To deliver quality healthcare you need quality healthcare workers. CNA or Nursing Assistants have a great influence on their opinion, and on the success of their treatment. So who they are and how they do their job is critically important, and to recruit really good  CNAs you need to look a lot further than their qualifications and experience. You need to know what sort of people they are, what motivates them, why they want to work in healthcare and do they have the ability and commitment to learn the technical side of the job.

To set up a robotic interview to identify applicants who possess these qualities you need to thoroughly understand the job, to ask the right questions and analyse the answers.   Enigma can help with this by suggesting questions and providing pre-configured assessments that measure soft skills like cognitive thought, learning ability, numeracy, english comprehension and traits like empathy,  conscientiousness and agreeability.

By arranging your interview into checkpoints Enigma can politely drop those who don’t achieve the level you set. In this way you quickly get a shortlist of qualified applicants with their attributes displayed in easy to compare bar-charts.

Robots work tirelessly 24/7, but all the work is in the design.  To help, Enigma offers a complete pre-configured interview to recruit CNAs which you can try out for free, deleting, changing or adding questions, assessments and checkpoints. Click the link below to see an example of this.